Focus on skills

When it comes to skills training, we care about the long game. This is why sustainable skills development is central to all our services. We call it shared value. It means that we don't just help people understand what the Mental Capacity Act 2005 means for them. We give them the skills to sustain their own learning and development long after training has ended.  

Why? We think there are 3 good reasons.

Experience shows that people get the best results when they feel motivated, supported and confident enough to change, which is why we focus upon tomorrow's  skills today. 

A better skilled workforce also helps to improve the lives of the many vulnerable adults they treat or care for. Change really does make a difference.

It's also cost effective - the impact of skills training is felt for longer.

Our flagship skills course is a 1 day workshop.  We support health and social care professionals to develop the confidence to excel when assessing mental capacity and making best interests decisions. Through large and small group work, peer review and individual verbal and written feedback, participants learn how to improve the way they practise and how to record evidence to support their reasonable belief.

Our MCA Champions Training programme focuses upon helping professionals to raise the standard within their area of influence. It's so much more than train the trainer. It actually influences change and we'll even give you the tools to continue to measure this change yourself.  

Contact us to find out more about our skills based training and how it can meet the needs of your staff.